Smart Snorkel Set

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Snorkel the smart way. The Smart Snorkel Full Face Mask's unique design simplifies your snorkelling experience. This innovative snorkelling mask is easy to assemble, store and travel with. 


  • Full Face Mask System
  • Hypoallergenic silicone face skirt for ultimate comfort
  • SmartLock designed for easy on/off assembly
  • Low profile, 180-degree lens for maximum visibility
  • Fog-Free unique design prevents the build-up of condensation
  • Submersible, dry top snorkel - designed to keep water out of the breathing tube above and below the surface of the water
  • Dual-chamber exhaust system that separates exhaled CO2 from your inhaled air
  • One-way purge valve for easy clearing
  • Tri-Pad connectors for a balanced and comfortable fit
  • SmartFit Custom fitting holes for easy adjustments
  • Ultra-Glide coating prevents hair from being pulled
  • Quick-Release swivel buckles for easy adjustments