Tiger 10mmx50m Green

Tiger 10mm x 50m

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The Tiger 10mm is an example of multipurpose: in climbing it's the introductory rope for those starting to use thin ropes. Now benefitting from the new Unicore technology, it becomes the perfect rope for all adventures. For experienced climbers.


  • Diameter adapted to fit all autolock belay devices diameter
  • Easy to clip and to manipulate
  • The rope sheath doesnt bunch and remains supple for the long term
  • Has all the benefits of the Unicore technology
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Length: 50m
  • Impact force: 7.6kN
  • Number of falls: 7
  • Sheath percentage: 40%
  • Weight per metre: 61g
  • Total Weight: 3.05kg
  • Sharp edge resistance


Dry Cover: A process whereby every individual sheath strand receives a chemical treatment before the rope is manufactured. The treatment is hydrophobic, increases abrasion resistance and is polymerised at high temperatures. The polymerisation process together with every strand being coated individually increases the life of the treatment.

Unicore: An astonishing process, bonding rope sheath and core without affecting the rope’s suppleness. Even in the toughest conditions of use sheath slippage is suppressed.
If the sheath is cut or torn, sheath and core remain bonded together. With a standard rope, if the sheath is cut by abrasion over an edge, it slides and gathers over some metres. It then becomes impossible to pass this zone, either to ascend or to descend.
If the problem occurs near to the end of the rope the sheath may slide off completely resulting in a fall to the ground.
With the UNICORE process the sheath remains in place and the user may escape, either by descent or ascent, taking all necessary precautions.
The user is not stuck without a solution on the rope.

Thermo Fluid: An infrared treatment which stabilises the sheath fibers and therefore makes yarns more homogeneous. The result is a more compact, better handling rope.

Please note: In the interest of safety, we cannot accept the return of safety and personal protective equipment.

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