Oakley Drop Point Polished Black / Black Iridium Lens - Booley Galway
Oakley Drop Point Matte Dark Grey / Prizm Sapphire Polarised Lens - Booley Galway
Oakley Drop Point Matte Dark Grey / Prizm Sapphire Polarised Lens - Booley Galway
Oakley Drop Point Matte Dark Grey / Prizm Sapphire Polarised Lens - Booley Galway
Oakley Drop Point Matte Dark Grey / Prizm Sapphire Polarised Lens - Booley Galway

Drop Point

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Bringing clarity and performance to active lifestyles, Drop Point blends the wide-open view of side curvature with sculptural angled shaping.


  • Lightweight O Matter™ frame material:
    • Provides durability and all-day comfort
    • A stress-resistant frame of nylon-infused plastic
    • Lightweight, durable and can withstand heat and cold without becoming brittle
    • The flexibility enhances impact resistance and helps to make these glasses more comfortable to wear for extended periods
    • Less rigid than other plastics, so it shapes better to the head
  • Unobtainium™ nosepads increase grip with perspiration for a no slip grip:
    • Readily absorbs water and doesn't become slippery when wet
    • Increases 'tackiness' as the wearer perspires so the glasses stay in place even in hot, sticky conditions
  • Three-Point Fit:
    • Comfort and performance that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
    • Patented Oakley frame architecture essentially does away with the hook around the ear that traditionally holds glasses in place
    • Contact is made only at the bridge of the nose and the sides of the head ensuring a secure fit without touching the ears
  • Protective sports-specific Oakley Soft Vault case included
  • Metal icon accents
  • Oakley High Definition Optics® (HDO®) lenses:
    • Optimise safety and performance to meet the uncompromising demands of those who settle for nothing less than the clearest, sharpest, most accurate vision
    • Offers truer, more accurate vision versus conventional lenses that magnify images and make objects appear shifted from their true position
    • Meet or exceed the testing standards of the American National Standards Institute (the yardstick of performance for the eyewear industry)
  • Optimised peripheral vision and side protection of 8.75 base lens curvature
  • Optical precision and performance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards
  • Impact protection:
    • Designed and tested under extreme high mass and high velocity circumstances to ensure uncompromising protection across a wide range of demanding conditions
    • Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for High Velocity and High Mass impact resistance
    • Partly due to Plutonite®, Oakley's durable and optically pure lens material
  • Maximum clarity at all angles of vision with patented XYZ Optics™:
    • Cut from a single sheet of material along the same axes to ensure they are in perfect optical alignment
    • Lens thickness is tapered from the centre to the edge giving lower light refraction at the periphery and compensating for the overall prismatic effect of the lens curvature
    • Provides greater clarity and helps reduce eye strain
  • UV protection of Plutonite™ lens material that filters out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC & harmful blue light up to 400 nm

Polished Black with Black Iridium Lens:

  • Iridium® lens coating:
    • Superheated metallic oxides are fused to the lens at the molecular level to create a uniform filtering layer that optimises contrast and minimises glare
    • Formulated for optimal balance between light reflection, transmission and absorption, depending on the targeted environment
    • Black™ Iridium®: Optimised for everyday use around cities and built up areas
  • Light transmission: 11%
  • Light conditions: Bright light
  • Contrast: Neutral
  • Base lens colour: Grey
  • Information notice: 3

Matte Dark Grey with Prizm Sapphire Polarised Lens:

  • HD Polarized lenses:
    • Glare protection with uncompromised clarity
    • Reduces the likelihood of a headache from glare
    • Suitable for golfing, fishing, driving, cycling, skiing to reduce the glare of water, snow or the road
    • Developed for elite athletes but serves everyone
    • Oakley's methods eliminates the need for glues and films that distort your vision by using a precise infusion molding process to produce one comprehensive, single-layered lens
    • Both lenses in a single pair of Oakley sunglasses are manufactured at the same time to perfectly align and center the axis of polarization. Doing so prevents unwanted and distractive glare from sneaking through any part of the lens
  • Prizm™ Everyday lenses:
    • A revolution in lens optics built on decades of colour science research
    • Provide unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colours precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility
    • Prizm™ Everyday: Optimised for use in your daily life in cities and built up areas
  • Light transmission: 12%
  • Light conditions: Bright light
  • Contrast: Increased
  • Base lens colour: Grey
  • Information notice: 3

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