Women's F-Dry S/S BL Crew Top Chrysanthemum

Women's F-Dry S/S BL Crew Top

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Don't let sweaty, sticky conditions slow you down this summer. The fast drying, skin cooling performance of Odlo's F-Dry BL crew neck short sleeve top works harder to keep you cool during sweltering summer workouts. Staying focused when your body is working at max capacity is all about effective sweat management, helping you to stay feeling fresh, clean and confident while you train.


  • F-Dry Pro:
    • Uses a unique push-pull-effect to achieve next-level moisture regulation: By combining different fabric properties - Polypropylene on the inside, PES on the outside - this lightweight baselayer rapidly wicks or 'pulls' moisture from the skin to the outer layer, resulting in faster drying times and cooler, dryer skin
    • Fastest drying base layer technology created by Odlo
  • Effect by Odlo for permanent anti-odour properties: Silver ion particles, sewed in technology
  • High breathability
  • Maximum comfort
  • Odlo's Functional Underwear bears the Oeko-Tex® label “Confidence in Textiles”, which certifies textiles tested for harmful substances in accordance with the Oek-Tex Standard 100. Their products meet the current human-ecological requirements: no carcinogenic ingredients, no formaldehyde, free of allergy-causing dyes, skin-friendly pH value
  • Materials: 88% Polyester, 12% Polypropylene

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