Orca Hi-Vis Hood High Vis Orange - Booley Galway
Orca Hi-Vis Hood - Booley Galway
Orca Hi-Vis Hood - Booley Galway

Hi-Vis Hood

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Orca’s Hi-Vis Hood will help you enjoy swimming in cold water more safely and comfortably.


  • High-visibility colour makes you more visible, even at a great distance, keeping you safe during your open water swimming sessions
  • Thermal lining provides an extra layer of warmth, preventing the loss of body heat during exercise
  • Neck cover provides thermal insulation and prevents water from getting into the chest area, helping to maintain body temperature
  • Fits tightly to your head so that it won't move around while you're swimming in open water
  • Soft lining provides increased comfort
  • Materials: 100% neoprene

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