Men's Predator
Men's Predator

Men's Predator

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After 25 years of innovation in the triathlon industry, Orca is launching its most advanced wetsuit ever. The new Predator is ideal for swimmers who are seeking the perfect balance between buoyancy and flexibility. Designed for the Total Swimmer, it achieves the highest possible efficiency by pinpointing buoyancy in your legs and providing flexibility in your upper body. It elevates your hip to correctly position your entire body, reducing hydrodynamic restriction as much as possible. The most advanced technology for greater performance. What kind of swimmer are you?


  • Core Lateral Stabilizer (CLS):
    • System of panels located in the lower body that limits twisting, blocking your core
    • Allows you to maintain good technique for longer
  • Yamamoto neoprene:
    • A durable, lightweight and high-performance material
  • 0.88 Free technology:
    • Developed with Yamamoto exclusively for Orca
    • Stretching this neoprene requires 90% less strength than conventional neoprene, with immediate recovery
  • Exo-cell technology:
    • Sandwichlike construction that consists of two layers of neoprene and a lightweight foam that provides maximum buoyancy
    • Only 3% water absorption, its buoyancy does not decrease throughout the workout
  • 44 Cell:
    • The most elastic version of 1.5 mm neoprene
    • Stretching this neoprene requires 90% less strength than conventional neoprene
  • Aerodome 2:
    • Applied to the lower trunk area to provides 30% greater buoyancy for swimmers
    • Used in areas with the greatest body weight to raise you up to an optimal position in the water
    • Sandwich-like technology, with hundreds of air pockets between the neoprene layers
  • Infinity Skin 2:
    • Infinity Skin 2 inner lining provides a feeling of absolute freedom
    • Designed from a high-elasticity nylon incorporating bamboo fibers
    • Used in the lining of our wet suit to provide greater flexibility in every stroke
    • Maintains body heat longer and reduces bad odors and the presence of bacteria in your neoprene
    • Composed of natural and environmentally sustainable materials, to avoid skin irritation and to care for the environment
  • Hydrolite:
    • Hydrolite technology helps the wetsuit come off more easily, making transitions even faster
  • Nano Ice SCS:
    •  A premium treatment in the high range, which improves the hydrodynamics of the most demanding swimmers

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