Gravity Works 2.0L System - Complete Kit - booley

Gravity Works 2.0L System - Complete Kit

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An ultra light and versatile pump free water filter that makes it easy to treat water for 2-4 people on backpacking, hiking, and backcountry trips.


  • Easily configure the system to your needs with the included 2.0L flexible water bottle and adapters* for maximum versatility and adaptability for easy tailoring of the system to meet different needs on different trips
  • No pumping: Just fill the dirty reservoir, hang it, and let gravity do the hard work
  • Fast: Filters up to 1.5 liters per minute
  • Micro filter lifetime: Up to 1,500 liters of water
  • Effective: Every micro filter is individually tested to ensure it meets EPA & NSF guidelines for the removal of 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa**
  • Ultra light & ultra compact: System can weigh as little as 6.3 oz. (180 g) and stows smaller than most 1L bottles (depends on configuration)
  • Field-cleanable: Can be easily back flushed in 4 seconds to maintain filter performance
  • Hollow fibre advantage: Hundreds of tiny, hollow fibres enable the micro filter to work faster than traditional filter media
  • Easy collecting & dispensing: Collecting water is easy—simply open the top, scoop water, and close; control delivery of filtered water with hose shutoff clamp
  • Comes with:
    • 2.0L platy bottle
    • 2.0L dirty reservoir
    • Hollow fibre micro filter
    • Universal bottle adaptor
    • Push-pull cap adapter
    • Hoses
    • Storage sack

*Adaptors interface with all Platypus bottles, push-pull sport bottle caps, and most bottles from Nalgene®, Klean Kanteen®, CamelBak® and many more (these trademarks are not owned by Cascade Designs, Inc.)

**This includes Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Salmonella and Cholera

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