Trek & Travel Pocket Body Wash 50 Leaf

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Trek and Travel Pocket Soaps contain 50 leaves of pure, dry soap so there's no risk of leakage in your luggage or pack, or having it confiscated by airport security. The easy-to-ration leaves mean you'll have plenty of soap to last your entire trip.


  • Biodegradable
  • 50 soap leaves in each pack
  • Won't harm the environment when used in accordance with Leave No Trace principles
  • Light Green Tea fragrance
  • TSA/ airport security approved carry-on compliant
  • Care Instructions: Biodegradable means that the product will break down due to biological action and UV, but it will harm aquatic life if used directly in streams, ponds and lakes. Practice Leave No Trace and wash/dispose of wastewater 200 ft / 70 m from any water source.