Podium Titanium Goggles Black - Booley Galway
Podium Titanium Goggles Blue / Lime - Booley Galway

Podium Titanium Goggles

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Get fully immersed in the water with the Podium Titanium swimming goggles from Zoggs.


  • Titanium lenses provide added protection from reflected light to reduce eye fatigue in high level light/sunny conditions.
  • Fantastic in indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Double Band headstrap made from high quality silicone reduces pressure around the eyes
  • Fogbuster anti-fog lenses for extra moisture control and clarity of vision
  • Maximum UV protection blocks 99-100% of sun’s harmful UV rays
  • CLT – Curved Lens Technology offers 180 degree peripheral vision
  • Fina Approved

Shoes or boots?

Understanding support, material and activity.


Know your waterproofs

Equip yourself for West of Ireland weather


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