About Us

Booley is the West of Ireland’s biggest outdoor shop. Whether it’s hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking, running - you name it - if it’s outdoors we’ve got you covered (along with a few indoor activities!). All topped off with tips, money-saving ideas, and expert advice.

At Booley, our motto is “do right by”. By that we mean do right by you, by our community, and by the environment. Whether we're helping you buy comfy new socks or a kayak for your latest adventure, we’ll make sure you get what’s right for you to make your adventure that bit sweeter.

Order online or find us in Galway & Athlone, where you’ll always get the best, most honest and helpful advice; that's what we’re most proud of.
Our team of fellow enthusiasts and explorers will help you turn your next outing - big or small - into your best one yet.

Got a question? Just ask; online or in-person. Or if you’ve got any suggestions, please let us know at hello@booley.ie. Thanks, and see you soon.

Keep exploring,
The Booley Team