Booley Bonus

This is our way of giving you money back every time you spend with us. Sign up to start collecting Booley Bullions to get money off future purchases, and get access to tips from our expert staff, the latest product info, and an insight into upcoming events and projects.

Set up your online account and receive 200 Booley Bullions to get you started!

Welcome to Booley Bonus! We’re looking forward to having you as part of our community. Or, as we like to call it: The Booley House.

How do Booley Bullions work?

For every €1 you spend, get 5 Booley Bullions.

Every 100 Booley Bullions you cash in gives you €1 off in the form of a single use voucher. This means you’re always saving 5% off your purchases once you’re signed up.

e.g. when you buy €300 of gear, get €15 off your next purchase. The more you spend, the more you save.

When you sign up online for your Booley Bonus account we will reward you with 200 Booley Bullions to get you started.

How do I start earning Booley Bullions?

When you’re in store, give your email address to our staff members at the till and you can start earning Booley Bullions straight away! Use this email address for all your purchases to earn and use your Booley Bullions moving forward.

You can set up an account online to keep track of how many bullions you have, earn and redeem your rewards in our online shop, and get your signup bonus of 200 bullions.

How do I redeem my Booley Bullions?

In store, let a member of staff at the till know that you'd like to use your Bullions. You can decide how many you'd like to use. Our staff will select your chosen amount and this issues a one time discount voucher that is automatically applied to your purchase.

Online, log in to your account and click on the Booley sheep in the bottom left corner. Select ways to redeem and "Use bullions to get money off gear", you will then see a slider asking how many Bullions you want to spend. Once you've made your selection you will be issued with a single use discount code that you can use straight away or at a later date, but don't leave it too long!

Can my Booley Bullions expire?

If you haven’t earned or spent any bullions in six months then you will lose the bullions you’ve earned. So, don’t wait around too long! But don’t worry, we will send you reminders before they expire.
Keep in mind that if you redeem your Bullions online but don't use the voucher issued, they will not automatically return to your account, so make sure you use them as soon as you can.
The discount codes generated when you spend your Bullions online will expire after 6 months if not used.

Will I get loads of emails?

No! You will get a notification when you have earned bullions, a reminder email 30 days before your bullions expire, and a last reminder 3 days before they run out.
You can opt out by clicking 'Manage email preferences' at the bottom of one of these emails.

We will send you the occasional Booley Bulletin email to let you know about sale launches, helpful tips and advice on outdoor gear or activities, and upcoming events and exciting projects we’re involved in.
These won’t be very frequent, approximately once a month, and you can opt out at any time by clicking 'Unsubscribe' at the bottom of one of these emails. This will not opt you out of notification and reminder emails.

Opting out of any emails will not affect your ability to earn or spend bullions.

Can I earn Booley Bullions when I buy a gift card?

Unfortunately not, but whomever you give the gift card to will be able to earn bullions when they use it in store or online – if they’ve joined Booley Bonus.

Have any other questions or suggestions?

Please let us know! Email us at anytime with any queries, feedback, or ideas you may have. After all, it’s your community too! Welcome to Booley Bonus.

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