Outdoor gear cluttering up your wardrobe or shed? Give it the opportunity to have new adventures by trading it in for Booley Bullions!

What is Requipped?

Booley’s motto is do right by. In an attempt to do right by the social and natural environment, Booley is now offering second hand quality outdoor gear.

Trade in preloved outdoor gear which has plenty of adventure left in it, and get Booley Bullions in return.

Second hand gear offers you a more sustainable and affordable way to purchase the same high quality gear that we stock in Booley.

Why should I trade in my gear?

Whilst fast fashion might spring to mind as the culprit for the heavy burden the textile industry puts on the environment, the outdoor gear industry is not exempt.
But why bring your outdoor gear to us?
Help the environment
Throwing out your outdoor gear means it will end up in landfill which will have a negative impact on the environment. Bringing your gear to us means that we can sell it on to someone else who can take it on new adventures.
Help the community
We want to use the profits from the requipped scheme to help fund community projects and donate to outdoor rescue charities. Not only will you receive Booley Bullions to use towards your next purchase with us, you can feel good knowing that you're helping out the community.
But why not just sell it myself?
Selling your gear involves finding an app/website to sell it on, taking photos, listing it, writing a description, waiting for someone to buy it, packaging it up, buying postage, taking it to be posted. Effort, right?
If you bring your used gear to us, you just need to drop it off, and you can use the trade-in value to buy brand new or second hand gear from us.
Why not drop it off at a charity shop?
Charity shops are great! but they also sell everything and anything, so your outdoor gear might sit around waiting for someone to find it. Giving your outdoor gear to us to resell means that it's being sold to its target audience, so it can be snapped up and taken on its next adventure.

How does Requipped work?

Once you have had a rummage and found outdoor gear that can go on more adventures, you can either post your it to us, or drop it off at our store on Eglinton Street, Galway (H91 YK63).
We will then assess the item(s), decide on its resell value, and issue your Booley Bullions. This can take up to two working days.
As soon as we have decided on the value, the Booley Bullions will show up on your Booley Bonus account.
We will need your name and email address to add your bullions to your account.
The Booley Bullions can be redeemed online or in-store, and can be used to purchase new or second hand gear.
Alternatively, you can choose to swap your item for an item of similar value from the Requipped collection.

What can I trade in?

You can trade in items if they are brands that we stock at Booley, or brands of comparable quality.
All items must be clean, in good working order, and in a saleable condition.

See T&Cs for more information.

If you're unsure whether we will accept your item or not then get in touch:


091 562 869

Examples of what to bring in
What we can't accept
Jackets and midlayers
Broken or damaged items
Trousers Items embroidered/printed with company logos
Footwear in good condition
Footwear that's shaped to user's foot
Swimming costumes
Lighting - torches, head torches
Camping equipment
Safety and personal protective equipment (e.g. helmets, ropes, climbing carabiners, buoyancy aids, life jackets)
Watersports equipment
Gas and fuel
Kids' clothing and footwear
First aid kits


If you are posting in any items, please make note of any imperfections such as holes, stains, markings, or functional impairments.

If we deem an item to be in a condition that cannot be resold we are happy to dispose of it for you, but we will get in touch with you before taking any action.

We hope to provide a repair service in the future so that we can give new life to even more items, so keep your eyes peeled!

How much will I get for my item?

How many Booley Bullions you will earn depends on the quality of the item and whether it qualifies for the scheme.
The table below shows how much you can get for your item, providing it is eligible.
Don’t worry if you don’t know the original price of your item, we can find that out for you, but if you have the original receipt that can help speed up the process.
Quality Trade in Value*
Excellent condition
Fully functional, no visible marks of wear and tear, like new
Lightly worn
Fully functional, but the odd mark might be visible
Well worn
Fully functional, but clear signs of wear and tear
*% of item price in Booley Bullions
Item in excellent condition with €100 resell value - Receive 2,000 Booley Bullions
Item lightly worn with €100 resell value - Receive 1,500 Booley Bullions
Item well worn with €100 resell value - Receive 1,000 Booley Bullions