Requipped Terms & Conditions

Booley reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or alter the Requipped recycling scheme, including these terms and conditions, at any time and without notice.
Booley will accept items from brands stocked by Booley, and other brands of similar standard of quality. Examples of additional brands Booley will accept: Jack Wolfskin, Mammut, Mountain Equipment etc.
Booley will not accept items from budget brands.
Booley reserves the right to reject items if we deem the brand or the condition of the item to be subpar.
For safety purposes, Booley will not accept safety equipment to be part of the Requipped recycling scheme. For example: climbing ropes, harnesses, helmets, safety carabiners, lifejackets, buoyancy aids etc.
For hygiene purposes, Booley will not accept underwear or swimwear to be part of the Requipped recycling scheme.
Booley will only accept items that are clean and in good working order, in a condition that allows the item to be resold.
Booley will only accept footwear that is in excellent or lightly worn condition. If the footbed of the footwear is moulded to the shape of the customer's foot we are unable to resell them, so they will not be accepted.
The value of the items brought to Booley as part of the Requipped scheme will be determined at our discretion.
The Booley Bullions rewarded for items traded in can take up to two working days to appear in your account.
If you do not have an existing customer account with Booley please allow one full day for your new account to be activated. Once your account is activated Booley will be able to add your Booley Bullions to your account.
Rewards for items brought in to the Requipped scheme are in the form of Booley Bullions or exchange for a Requipped item of similar value only. Booley will not provide vouchers, gift cards, or money in place of the Booley Bullions.
Any Booley Bullions earned through the Requipped scheme are subject to the Booley Bonus Terms & Conditions.
Customers are responsible for any postal charges in relation to the Requipped recycling scheme.
If Booley deems an item unusable and the customer would like the item posted to them, the customer is responsible for the postal charges.
If a customer does not agree with the value Booley has assigned to an item, the customer reserves the right to take the item back. If the customer would like the item posted back to them, they will be responsible for the postal charges.
Booley is not responsible for any items lost or damaged in transit.
In order to assign Booley Bullions, Booley requires the customer's name and email address. These will not be used for marketing purposes unless the customer has previously agreed to receive marketing emails.
Items purchased through the Requipped scheme may be returned within 30 days in exchange for another item of the same value, or for store credit. Booley will not provide cash/card refunds for change of mind. Proof of purchase is required for any returned items.
Items should function as advertised. Any faults will be made clear prior to purchase, and warranty cannot be claimed based on those faults. Any faults outside of those advertised are covered by a 3 month warranty. Proof of purchase is required for any returned items.
If an item sold through the Requipped scheme has a fault outside of those advertised, you - the customer - are entitled to your money back. Booley reserves the right to test the item to determine whether there is a fault or not.