Zipper Cleaner and Lubricant

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The Zipper Cleaner and Lubricant is designed to remove sand, dirt and salt deposits that can make a zipper stick and protects them in the longrun. Use it regularly and experience the joy of gliding zippers on wetsuits, dive bags and outdoor gear.


  • Previously known as Zip Care
  • Lubricates: Bottle quickly releases stuck zippers
  • Cleans: Handy brush-top removes sand and debris from zipper teeth, and directly delivers the formula that repels sand and dirt
  • Protects: Leaves behind a clear, protective and lubricating film to prevent corrosion of zippers, and fights damage caused by saltwater, chlorine and rust on nylon, metal and plastic zippers
  • Non-toxic: Contains no silicone or paraffin wax for worry-free application every time
  • Multipurpose: Use it to keep zippers on wetsuits, tents, luggage and sleeping bags in good condition
  • 60 ml bottle