Washing Bag

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A large part of our clothing contains synthetic materials. During washing, tiny plastic fibres break and enter rivers and oceans via the waste water and thus harm our environment. This is exactly where the GUPPYFRIEND washing bag comes in. According to the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, on average 86% fewer fibres of synthetic clothing break when washed with the washing bag. The fibres that do break collect in the corners of the washing bag after washing and can be easily removed and disposed of.


  • Reduces microplastic pollution
  • Internationally patented
  • Sustainable and fair production
  • Chemical free
  • Designed to be fully recyclable - When your washing bag has come to the end of its life, just remove the zip completely, and place the bag and zip in your regular household recycling
  • Catches microplastics that are shed from your clothing
  • Helps to protect your clothing from damage during the washing cycle
  • Made in Europe
  • Size M: 50cm x 74cm
  • 100% plastic free packaging
  • Material: untreated polyester (PET)
  • How to use:
    • Put synthetic textiles into the Guppyfriend washing bag (only fill 2 thirds of the bag so the washing can move around)
    • Close the Guppyfriend washing bag and put it in the washing machine. Add other, non-synthetic, textiles and wash as usual
    • Take the textiles from the Guppyfriend washing bag while they’re still wet
    • Remove the collected fibres from the inside of the filter fabric by hand and dispose of them in the general waste

Staff note: The Guppyfriend washing bag doesn't hold a full load of washing. We recommend using two Guppyfriend washing bags at a time, or filling the rest of your washing machine with any of your non synthetic items. This also ensures that the drum is balanced and can fully spin without damaging your machine, or resulting in very wet clothes if your machine automatically slows down the spin of an unbalanced drum.
Please also note that laundry eggs are less effective whilst using a Guppyfriend washing bag. For the best results, use an eco friendly liquid detergent.

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