FireLighting Kit BIO

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You want to make fire? This kit guarantees it. Wherever you are, whatever the weather, whatever the altitude, the LMF fire lighting kit gets the job done. Their trademarked Swedish FireSteel firestarter, so reliable the scouts and army use it.


  • Easy to carry, complete set
    • Swedish FireSteel® BIO Scout:
      • Produces 3,000 degree concentrated sparks
      • Works when it´s wet and windy
      • Lasts 3000 strikes
      • Safe for gas stoves and BBQ’s
      • Ergonomic handle
      • Built-in emergency whistle
      • Rod is made from a high-quality pyrophoric alloy containing metals that include iron, magnesium, lanthanum and cerium
      • Striker is made of stainless steel and has a precise edge grind developed to deliver maximum spark
      • Handle made from Biobased plastic
      • Strong nylon cord
    • Grandpa´s FireFork BIO:
      • Smart design - Just add a stick and get to it
      • Perfect for firmly holding the food you want to cook
      • Cover made from Biobased plastic
      • Fork made from stainless steel
      • Easy to pack
    • Tinder-on-a-Rope:
      • Easy to light, even when wet
      • 80% resin content
      • Sustainably sourced
      • Natural fire tinder
      • No chemicals
      • Burns strong and lasts long
    • BPA free
    • Made in Sweden