Orca Men's Heatseeker Vest Black - Booley Galway
Orca Men's Heatseeker Vest Black - Booley Galway

Men's Heatseeker Vest

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This vest is designed to be worn with or without a wetsuit over it. In temperate waters, it can be used as an outer layer, protecting you from the cold and the sun without any restriction thanks to its sleeveless cut. In colder temperatures, it is an ideal piece to wear underneath your wetsuit while surfing or swimming in open water.


  • Made from 100% 2mm open cell neoprene
  • SCS (Super Composite Skin) technology coating:
    • Makes it possible to reduce the friction coefficient from 4.00 in the case of a normal wetsuit to 0.026 for those with the SCS coating
    • Ensures faster speeds and less energy consumption

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