Women's Apex Float Triathlon Wetsuit

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The Apex Float Triathlon Wetsuit is a new (r)evolution of the Orca 3.8 - the most buoyant wetsuit in the Orca range. This wetsuit incorporates specific technologies for maximum buoyancy and correction of technique, helping progressive swimmers who need support to maintain a hydrodynamic position in open water. What kind of swimmer are you?


  • Thermal insulation: 3 mm thick torso and 5 mm thick legs will protect you from low temperatures in the ocean during the swimming segment of your triathlons
  • Maximum elasticity and flexibility in the shoulders, arms and back:
    • Combination of Yamamoto 40 neoprene, Infinity Skin 2 lining and Smoothskin surface finish provide total freedom of movement
    • The open-water swimmer will use 35% less force in fast movements and short strokes, while slower, wider movements will require 45% less force than with any other conventional wetsuit
  • Exo-Lift is a sandwich-like construction that includes Aerodome technology, providing maximum buoyancy:
    • Gives the swimmer 30% more buoyancy than a conventional wetsuit
    • Constructed with hundreds of air pockets located between two layers of pre-treated neoprene
    • Inner layer of this material is composed of a high-quality lining with low water absorption that increases elasticity
    • Outer layer is treated with a hydrodynamic Nano Ice SCS coating, reducing resistance and friction in the water, while increasing speed
  • YKK8 back zipper has a smaller width than the usual zippers - increasing the flexibility of the back panel and further limiting the water ingress
  • The distribution of materials of different thicknesses and pattern give this wetsuit a neutral buoyancy, this keeps your body elevated in the water, so you can swim freely and maintain your technique at all times