Orca Women's Athlex Aero Race Suit White - Booley Galway
Orca Women's Athlex Aero Race Suit - Booley Galway
Orca Women's Athlex Aero Race Suit - Booley Galway

Women's Athlex Aero Race Suit

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The Athlex Aero Race Suit incorporates technologies focused on improving aerodynamics, with the goal of providing maximum performance in long-distance triathlon events. 


  • Highly elastic, Aero fabric in the shoulders, arms and back:
    • aerodynamic performance for cycling
    • high flexibility and perfect fit for unrestricted swimming
  • Vapour-Cool technology in the torso and legs:
    • nanocrystal-based technology helps to cool the athlete's body, allowing sweat to evaporate more quickly
    • provides compression without sacrificing the flexibility of the garment, ensuring a very tight fit
  • Tri-Tech Chamois, Italian-made 4 mm fabric:
    • super quick-drying for total comfort on the bike
    • density: 120 kg/m³
  • Front zip for easy on/off and extra ventilation
  • Two back pockets for storing all the nutritional supplies you need during the triathlon

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