Set Tris Zoom - Large

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Designed for adults, this set includes Seac's Zoom open-heel fins, an Elba mask, and a Flash snorkel.


  • Zoom fins:
    • Open-heel fin adjustable to 6 different positions per size
    • Closure system using highly elastic and durable elastomer strap
    • The blade is made of a special polyolefin resin, and its innovative design guarantees fluid finning
    • Foot pocket in thermoplastic rubber
  • Elba mask:
    • Dual-lens mask with tempered glass
    • Anatomical mask skirt, made of hypoallergenic silicone
    • Polycarbonate frame
    • Element resistant strap
    • Easy to adjust strap with practical buckle system with simple to use buttons
  • Flash snorkel:
    • Contoured J-shape
    • Fast Tech tube constructed of durable PVC with bellows in liquid silicone
    • Corrugated flexible hose to manage the nozzle's angle
    • Anti-splash top blocks water from entering the snorkel
    • Silicone mouthpiece with comfortable ergonomic fit
    • Innovative purge valve system that sits below the mouthpiece for rapid emptying of water