Women's Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Goggles

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Designed especially for a woman's face, the new Women's Futura Biofuse Flexiseal goggle is made for comfort and clarity in the water.


  • A super soft flexible seal for ultimate comfort - offers greater flexibility versus previous Biofuse goggles for an even softer and more cushioned fit around the eye
  • Featuring Speedo Biofuse® technology for cushioned comfort every time you swim
  • Flexible frame adapts to the contours of your face for an individual fit
  • Strong internal frame is wrapped in soft gel-like skin, ensuring stability on your face
  • Push button adjustment for quick and easy fit
  • Wide Vision lenses for enhanced peripheral vision:
    • Anti-fog
    • 100% UV protection
  • Lens colours:
    • Clear lenses: Designed for low light - ideal for indoor swimming
    • Blue lenses: Reduce glare in bright conditions - suitable for both indoor and outdoor swimming
    • Smoke lenses: Provide protection in bright conditions - ideal for outdoor swimming
    • Orange lenses: For light enhancement and heightened contrast - ideal for outdoor swimming