Down Wash 225 ml

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Down is a very delicate material, so it's important to ensure that during the cleaning process the natural oils on the down are not stripped out. It's not recommended to use a domestic household laundry detergent as it can reduce the lofting potential of quality down. Storm's Down Wash allows for cleaning to be gentle on the fibres so they can remain soft to the touch, maximise loft and maintain the intended performance.


  • Specially formulated for down filled items
  • Balanced pH to maintain down softness and maximize loft
  • Restores breathability
  • Increases insulation performance
  • Increases garment life span
  • Gentle to fabrics
  • Enough for 3 washes
  • A huge 91% of discarded plastic isn’t recycled. With their focus on being a climate positive company, Storm have developed their new easily recyclable aluminium range
  • Contains: Nonionic Surfactants (Polymers) >5%
  • Instructions: Shake bottle and pour 75ml into detergent compartment. (If item needs proofing use a Storm Proofer to suit). Wash following manufacturer’s guidelines. Ensure item is follow dried and lofted well during drying