Leather Soap 100 ml

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A very traditional solid soap for the cleaning of smooth leather items such as saddles, tack, or footwear. Can be used on its own for general leather care or with a follow on treatment for items such as footwear.


  • Natural lanoline and glycerin maintains the suppleness and flexibility of leather to ensure long service
  • Maintains original softness and feel of smooth leathers
  • Lifts stubborn stains and marks
  • Traditional formula - Gentle to leather
  • Contains: A blend of Lanoline glycerine and mineral oils
  • Instructions: Rub a damp cloth or sponge lightly over soap to produce a light lather. Apply to leather surface. Remove excess with a clean cloth. Allow to dry then polish to a shine with a soft cloth. Not suitable for suede. Test in an inconspicuous area before use