Merino & Wool Wash 225 ml

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Specially formulated cleaner for Merino and Wool items. Woolen garments are soft to touch when new and require specific treatment to maintain its useful characteristics such as odour resistance and temperature regulation. Using a wool suitable cleaner ensures the natural oils and handle are not harshly stripped out or damaged.


  • Protects wool from becoming hard and stiff, and from shrinking
  • Reduces scratchy fibres to maintain soft feel
  • pH balanced to perfectly suit and maintain wool
  • Restores breathability
  • Increases the lifespan of your garment
  • Suitable for all wool, including merino
  • Enough for 3 washes
  • Contains: Nonionic Surfactants (Polymers) >5%
  • Instructions: Shake bottle and pour 75ml into detergent compartment. Wash following garment manufacturer’s care guidelines