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This float is perfect for bodies of water where there are boat users to make the swimmer more visible. It's also ideal for groups of swimmers so you can be easily seen from the shore or in the water by fellow swimmers. It's recommended for taking children into the open water, as you can spot them very quickly and they can hold onto the Swim Secure tow-float if they need a rest.


  • High visibility
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ideal for training and events
  • Includes a leash and waist strap
  • Has a double airbag system which is easily inflated
  • Adjustable belt design clips securely around the swimmer's waist
  • The leash ensures that the float remains out of swim stroke range whilst swimming and is very low drag (you generally don't notice it is there)
  • If you need to rest you can hold onto the float and it will easily support an adult's weight
  • Makes it very easy for water safety teams to see the swimmers, even in choppy water, and can be used by swimmers in wetsuits or non-wetsuits
  • Size before inflating: 39cm x 25cm

Please note, this is not a buoyancy aid, it does not give any buoyancy whilst swimming. The tow-float floats behind the swimmer on a short leash.