Greenland Wax with Bag

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Greenland Wax with a smart pack bag.


  • Wax:
    • Used in all Fjällräven G-1000 products
    • Wax will gradually wear down after time, use this wax block to top up the levels on G-1000 fabrics to retain their functionality
    • Simple to apply when the fabric’s wind and water resistance properties need to be enhanced
    • To be rubbed on and melted into your G-1000 fabrics (see inside of bag for instructions)
    • Made from high-quality paraffin and beeswax: More gentle on people and the environment than chemical-based impregnation
    • Enough to wax approximately 10 garments (this will vary depending on the size of the garments)
  • Bag:
    • Made from G-1000 Original
    • Natural tone leather label on the front
    • Provides water-resistant storage for the block of wax while out trekking
    • Waxing instructions are printed on a flap inside
    • Waxed cotton cord closure
  • Materials:
    • Bag: G-1000® Original: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
    • Details: Leather
    • Wax: Paraffin, beeswax
  • Weight: 15 g

Note: Bags come in assorted colours. Colours picked at random.