Women's Maya V-Neck Sweater

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Queen Maya is the birthmother of Gautama Buddha, the sage on whose teachings Buddhism was founded.

Incredibly soft, light, and sustainable, the Maya V-Neck Sweater is a true blend of warmth and style. Perfect for wear all year round.


  • Extra-fine Merino wool:
    • Naturally antimicrobial
    • Moisture wicking
  • Alpaca wool:
    • Long-lasting freshness
    • Unmatched bulk-free warmth
  • Ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem for a comfortable fit
  • Finished with a Sherpa exclusive Nepalese-inspired jacquard pattern
  • 7 gauge knit
  • Yarn is ethically sourced and responsibly produced via Sherpa's specialist knitwear supplier
  • Materials: Merino Wool, Recycled Nylon, Alpaca Wool