Footwear Wash Spray-On 150 ml

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Waterproof footwear is treated during the manufacturing process usually with either a DWR treatment or hydrophobic tanning. This provides water repellency for the surface of the item. Storm's concentrated pre wash helps to lift dirt and stains from footwear, offering a full clean, yet leaves active DWR unaffected and prepares the surface for further treatment should it be required.


  • Lifts stubborn stains and marks
  • pH neutral
  • Gentle on fabrics
  • Suitable for fabrics and leather
  • Increases gear life span
  • Direct application spray on
  • Easy rinse
  • Follow with suitable proofer or conditioner if necessary
  • Contains: Naphthaline Sulfonate, Anionic
  • Instructions: Remove loose dirt from footwear with brush. Shake bottle, spray cleaner onto dampened surface, rub gently and rinse well. Allow to dry and reproof before use as required